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 User Manual 

PRM-W1 Installation

Improved Substitute for Savitec 100W electronic boards

PRM-W1 is a pin-to-pin compatible improved substitute for original Savitec 100W weft feeder electronic boards. PRM-W1 can be easly used to substitute old broken 100W electronics: you just have to change the full old original (broken) board with a PRM-W1 new one.

The new PRM-W1 electronic board is designed using modern technologies, such as MOS power drivers and microcontroller logic. It can ensure continuity with Savitec older weft feeders electronic replacements for the future, and it works even better than originals, due to our experience in weft feeder electronic development.

Using PRM-W1, you will no more need to use old Savitec hibrid circuits for replacements, because these boards are completely different (improved!) from the original, although pin to pin compatible.

PRM-W1 boards Features:

Pin to pin improved substitutes for Savitec 100W electronic boards
Control board for bi-phase AC motor
Speed adjustment by frequency and voltage modulation PWM systems
Board supply voltage: 48 V/DC
Microcontroller control logic
New high performance automatic speed adjusting algorithm
Cooler working temperature
Microcontroller improved optical yarn reader sensoring
Special programming features on demand
See the document "User Manual" to learn how to use its new features.
PRM-W1 Installation
PRM-W1 installation is really easy, you just have to:
    Take off the electronic box from the weft feeder
    Unscrew the original electronic board from the metal box
    Take off from the metal box the old original electronic board
    Insert the new PRM-W1 electronic board in the same metal box
    Screw the new PRM-W1 electronic board on the metal box
    Re-install the electronic box on the feeder

PRM-W1 Post-Installation
Once the PRM-W1 board has been installed, please read the document "User Manual" to learn how to use its new features.

We supply together with the PRM-W1 board one sticker-label to be placed over the original front panel of Savitec 100W feeders, in order to remember PRM-W1 new features:

PRMW1_pannello.jpg (14129 byte)

 User Manual 

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