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LPC900icp Programmer

The PRECMA LPC900icp is a hardware/software kit that allows you to easly and conveniently program any NXP (Philips) LPC900 Family Microcontroller derivate.


Price: EURO 95.00 (VAT & shipping excluded)
PRECMA LPC900icp main features are:
USB Interface - no addictional power needed
In Circuit Programming mode (ICP, no bootloader needed)
Works with Windows and Linux (and maybe other unix-like os)
In System Programming mode option (ISP, with original NXP bootloader)
Open and well-documented commands protocol
Open-source software client for Windows (VisualBasic) and Linux (PERL)
Both command-line and GUI software interface available
Works also with Esacademy FlashMagic (standard NXP flash programming software)
USB VCP (Virtual COM Port) drivers available for Windows, Linux and Mac
High programming speed: 57600baud corresponding to 3Kb/sec. in ICP QuickMode (LPC900icp exclusive fast mode)

We can develop custom software client for your specific production line needs
(not included in the LPC900icp price)

At the moment, the NXP LPC900 known and supported derivates are:
P89LPC901 P89LPC902 P89LPC903 P89LPC904 P89LPC906 P89LPC907 P89LPC908 P89LPC9102 P89LPC9103 P89LPC9107 P89LPC912 P89LPC913 P89LPC914 P89LPC915 P89LPC916 P89LPC917 P89LPC918 P89LPC920 P89LPC921 P89LPC922 P89LPC9221 P89LPC924 P89LPC925 P89LPC930 P89LPC931 P89LPC9311 P89LPC932A1 P89LPC933 P89LPC934 P89LPC935 P89LPC936 P89LPC938 P89LPC9401 P89LPC9408 P89LPC952 P89LPC954

Download LPC900icp User Manual

Windows GUI Software Screenshot
You can download the latest lpc900icp command line software for Linux, Windows and FreeBSD from the repository:
PERL command line interface; in order to use this program, you need:
- the PERL interpreter installed
- the PERL Device::SerialPort module installed (Win32::SerialPort on Windows)
Most of the Linux distributions have both installed by default
Download LPC900icp Windows drivers

LPC900icp Windows drivers home page
(you can find here the latest version)
Download LPC900icp Software for Windows (GUI)
You can request the Windows Software source code (Visual Basic) if you buy the LPC900icp Programmer

Download LPC900icp Software for Windows (Command Line, binaries)

The LPC900icp software for Linux and Windows can work also in ISP mode, connecting the devices direcly to the UART (RS232) without the LPC900icp programmer.

PRECMA LPC900icp programmer can work also with the Esacademy FlashMagic (standard NXP flash programming software) that you can download for free from Esacademy website

Important note on P89LPC932 microcontroller: P89LPC932 does not support ICP mode (ISP mode only).
Moreover, P89LPC932 was the first µC of the LPC900 family and its first versions had some hardware bugs:
P89LPC932 labeled "ISP K1.0" or with revision up to "Revision C" do not support hardware ISP activation, therefor are not supported by PRECMA LPC900icp.
P89LPC932 revision "E" or later are supported by PRECMA LPC900icp, in ISP mode only.

Other related documents: Intel HEX format specifications

Contact us for ordering or further informations.

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