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Curriculum Vitae
First Name: Fausto Luigi
Family Name: Marzoli
Birth Date: 08.01.1970
Birth City: Monza (Milano - Italy)
Nationality: Italian
Skills: Electronic Engineering, R&D, Microcontrollers, Embedded Programming, Linux system programming
Experience: since 1990
Language(s): Italian (native), English (excellent)
Contacts: @PRECMA S.r.l.
Living in North Italy, near Milano

What I can Do
I can develop a complete project of an "electronic control board" starting from the idea, up to the final product: hardware, firmware, software, documentation, mechatronic coordination.
I can manage the R&D team to develop a complete electronic/mechanical machinery.

What I am Doing Now
I am partner of the electronic engineering company PRECMA S.r.l. (http://www.precma.com/) since 1993 , where I manage almost all of the company tasks, from R&D to customer relationships, marketing and web developing.

What I Want to Do
I'm willing to improve and enrich my professional experience expanding my company business.

Technical knowledge

Electronics: Hardware
Deep knowledge of electronic digital hardware developing.
Excellent knowledge of asynchronous three phase motor speed control concepts.
Excellent knowledge of stepper motor driving concepts.
Excellent knowledge of robot control concepts.
Experience in sensors signal analysis and use.

Electronics: Firmware
Excellent knowledge of microcontrollers hardware principles and development (from MCS-51 to ARM7/9/Cortex)
Deep experience in firmware developing for real time applications.
Deep knowledge of Real-Time OS principles (experienced in many RTOS usage).
Deep knowledge of Embedded Linux: daemons, system and user level programming, kernel adapting, bootloader, root filesystem...
Deep experience in firmware developing in Assembler and C.
Deep knowledge of build utilities (i.e. make).
Excellent knowledge of automatic regulation systems (PID) open and closed ring.
Deep experience in motor speed and movement control systems.
Good knowledge of fuzzy logic and neural net concepts.
Experience in stepper motors driving, DC motor driving, AC motors driving.
Excellent knowledge of bus usage and protocols (I2C, CAN, USB, M-Bus, IEC101, ASN.1).
Excellent knowledge of multiprocessor automation controls.

Computers: Programming & Networks
Deep knowledge in PC programming in the technichal/laboratories area: data acquisition, peripheral control, communications, serial buses, protocols, test systems, automation.
Programming languages: [Visual] C/C++, [Visual] Basic, PERL, PYTHON, HTML, scripting (bash, etc.), make, ASN.1, Object Pascal (Delphi/Lazarus), Lua.
Deep knowledge of data acquisition tools, cards, systems and programming.
Deep knowledge of local area networks, internet, wireless technologies hardware and software principles.
Experienced Linux user/programmer/administrator: daemons, system and user level programming, kernel adapting, embedded bootloaders.
Using software revision control systems (Mercurial, PRCS, Bazaar, SVN).
Networking low-level programming.
Complex project building systems with make.

Computers: Hardware & Software
Deep knowledge of personal computers internal and interfaces structures.
Deep knowledge of OS Linux, MS-Windows, Dos.
Deep knowledge of any office tool (word processors, spreadsheets ...), e-mail, etc.
Deep knowledge of electronic CAD-CAE PCB software principles, expert electronic CAD user (EAGLE CAD italian reseller/support up to 2017).
Good mechanic 2D-CAD user.

I had experience in developing many projects, dealing with hardware, firmware and software in a wide applications area. Some of them are:
Three phase induction motor wave form generation (inverter)
Stepper motor microstep wave form generation and motion control
Distributed intelligence multi-axis robots based on I2C and CAN multimaster bus
High speed DC motor control (speed and torque)
Fan control
Automatic speed control systems in weft feeder application
HW/SW simulation systems based on PC and National Instruments or Advantech I/O boards and custom hardware

Functional testing systems based on PC and National Instruments or Advantech I/O boards and custom hardware
Automatic pressure and temperature control system for water autoclave
Automatic control systems for door-locks
Projects for international companies in international team
USB peripherals
Flash in-system programmable firmware and bootloaders
Air conditioning systems
Temperature control systems
Embedded dataloggers
Injectors and detectors in gas-chromatography analysis
Auto-samplers for gas-chromatography analysis
Lua interpreter language embedding and extending functions
Embedded linux daemons

I always write my own programs to test and use the final product, and I write the complete technical documentation and specifications.

You can see the PRECMA S.r.l. web site for a complete list of my software, hardware and firmware experience.


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