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Downloader for ADuC8xx Family

"aduc8xx" is a downloader (or uploader, or simply loader, depending on your point of view...) for the Analog Devices ADuC8xx microcontroller family, that works under Linux and Windows (and BSD), written in PERL.

"aduc8xx" has a simple command-line interface that accepts all the needed commands for downloading the flash programming and data ROM in an ADuC8xx. It is made for ADuC842, but it should work with all the ADuC family (except the oldest microcontrollers with loader version 1.0 on board).

Here is the summary of the accepted options, extracted from a linux terminal:
# aduc8xx.pl --help
ADuC8xx Programmer Version 1.3 (140401) - Copyright 2005-2014 PRECMA S.r.l.
Usage: aduc8xx [--opt1 [arg1[,arg2]] ... --optn [arg1[,arg2]]]
--help             Show options
--detect [baud]    Try to initiate the communication at the given baudrate
  (default 9600baud, setting depends on your system clock - see aduc8xx.txt)
--eflash           Erase Flash Memory
--echip            Erase Flash & Data Memory
--quickmode s,b    Change the programming baud rate: s=T3CON:T3FD b=baudrate
  (available for the Timer 3 enabled derivates only - see aduc8xx.txt)
--program hexfile  Program in the flash ROM the given hexfile
--data hexfile     Program in the data ROM the given hexfile
--security [mode]  Set Security mode (6=LOCK, 5=SECURE, 4=LOCK+SECURE (default),
                   0=SERIAL SAFE+SECURE+LOCK)
--bootload [E/D]   Enable (E) or disable (D) the custom bootloader startaddress
--run hexaddr      Execute user code from addr (hex)
--port p           Define serial port to use (i.e. /dev/ttyS0)
Bootloader is initiated by the --detect option and stopped by the --run option
aduc8xx.pl --detect --echip --program dummy.hex --run 0
  Erase chip, program it @9600baud and start the code
aduc8xx.pl --detect --program dummy.hex --quickmode 8309,57600
  Erase chip, program it @57600baud (quickmode for ADuC842@32KHz)

You can download and use the aduc8xx programmer for free under the GPL license from the repository:
aduc8xx online BitBucket Repository

NOTE: In order to use this program with Linux, you need:
the PERL interpreter installed
the PERL Device::SerialPort module installed
Most of the Linux distributions have both installed by default
"aduc8xx" has been tested under Linux, Windows and FreeBSD

TIP: If you get the Analog Devices Microconverter QuickStart Development System, you'll find included the Metalink ASM51 Cross-Assembler: it's a DOS command line assembler, and you can use it under Linux in a DOS box using the "dosemu" DOS emulator. You can use in a dosemu box any cross-assembler (or compiler) that runs under DOS.
If you want to use a native linux cross-compiler/assembler you can use SDCC.

Supported ADuC devices:
ADUC812    ADUC814    ADUC816    ADUC824    ADUC831    ADUC832    ADUC834    ADUC836    ADUC841    ADUC842    ADUC843    ADUC845    ADUC847    ADUC848

aduc8xx Loader

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